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In March 1997 Tickford started transforming 272 normal Fairmonts in 272 high performance Aussie road warriors. The 30th Anniversary GT was sold out in days with people wanting to update there 25th Anniversary EB GT or earlier GT.
It took two years to develop the GT and 1.5 million dollars and the starting price was a bargain. 250 GT's were headed for Australia, 20 for New Zealand and 2 for South Africa.
The highly  specified GT range has changed over the last 30 years with the original XR GT being a performance car, not a luxury car like the EB and EL GT. Being based on the EL Fairmont is a good start  having things like Climate control Air conditioning and full electric's but the Tickford boys added leather trimmed sports seats , momo steering wheel, walnut paneling, GT floor mats and premium sound system.
Cosmetics are well and truly in the love it or hate it category thanks to an amazing body kit.
Comprehensive to say the least and  has more bolt-ons  than any other vehicle in existence. Bulging and outrageous, is the unique grill and bonnet makes shure that the EL GT stands out in any crowd.
Roumers are going around that  a new model GT is coming out in a few years with the AV Falcon upgrade. It is expected to have less luxury than predecessors and lots more power. It will probably a 5.4 litre engine from the USA that can be super charged, but I doubt the the GT will be super charged and I expect it to produce some where between 260kWs and 350kWs.

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