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No your eyes are not tricking you, this is a 2-door Falcon coupe. Yes, that means that  Ford bet  Holden to turn there family sedan into a coupe. Talk to Ford man, Gavin Hillier and his sons Troy and Clayton and its clear  that  the inspiration for building the coupe was to beat Holden to the punch. Owning a Tenterfield based coach and hearse-building gave them the perfect opportunity. It might be built in a backyard, but don't go thinking that its just a falcon with the rear doors welded up. No, this Falcon looks as good as if it came out of a factory like the Holden Monaro to come out later this year. The coupe started like as a normal forte, six cylinder with an auto, then the Hillier boys were set to work to transform it.. The roofline  is about three inches lower than the standard roof, the B-pillar is a whole eight inches further back, and both standard screens are more steeply raked to match.
Along with the lower, sleeker silhouette, the window  has been raise at the rear, in concern with a smother and more curvaceous C-pillar, give the car a tougher nose down stance. On the front, they've put XR8 headlights on.
Its lower and chunkier and with side skirts and a deep rear bumper, which continues the meaner, more road hugging aerodynamic theme. Even the drooping fastback-style AU bootlid looks graceful thanks to the aggressively-angles rear window and deeper rear bumper. The front seats have been modified to flip and slide forward and all the seats are lowered to give more head room and leg room. Colour coded leather inserts line the door trims, and the Hillier Coupe identification adorns the seats and instrument panel. It carries  an inch less ride height than the XR which helps the 17 inch alloys to fill the wheel arches an also has the Fairmont exhaust tips and full leather trim. Each coupes are  individually numbered and supplied with an engineering certificate and also Fords warranty is unaffected.
Cost?, The Hillier boys will transform any falcon from forte to T-series into a coupe for $30K and it costs more for extras like leather

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