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AV Central

# 314kW 5.4 V8 under constructn
# 10 airbags on Fairlane. LTD and possibly on the Fairmont Ghia
# 4 airbags standard on all models
# Fairmont, Ghia, Fairlane Ghia and LTD come with Satelite Navigation
# DVD a cheap option
# Round inside airvents
# Release 7th September
# AV TR10  V10 T-Series may be available with in 3 years producing over    400kW's
# 167kWs from the standard twin cam 6 in-line six

Look closely at Lowndesy car right and squint and according to Ford you can see 'Barra'. Looks good too.
The Falcon R5 duel cab ute left is also s sign of things to come. Expect the lights of Barra to look similar to the 'XR' style quad-headlights on the R5 ute

2002   AV Falcon:
          Heavily revised front/rear styling, IRS across range
          Updated base 4.0-litre six: DOHC,
          Euro IV- compliant, 160 - 180kW's
2003  AV Falcon GT
AV Falcon GT-HO
AV Fairlane Ghia/LTD
AV Falcon Ute

2004  Raptor Falcon 4WD

2005  AX Falcon
New V6 engine
New 5 speed automatic transmission

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More Pictures

Some pictures were form MOTOR magazine's January editions and Novembers edition. Click Here to go to MOTOR's web-site